Charles Beckius

Charles is The Rothberg Institute's Director of Operations & IT Manager. A Comparative Religion major from Bard College with a focus on 17th Century Poetry, Charles spent 8 years in financial services during the dot com boom & bust as an analyst, DBA and Systems Administrator before seeking a more rewarding career in the Non-Profit sector. Charles joined TRI in August 2003 and has been vital to the behind the scenes operations, becoming the Director of Operations in January 2009. In addition to TRI, Charles has been IT manager for both RainDance Technologies and Ion Torrent Systems and brings with him a unique perspective, combining the workflows and discipline of the Financial Services sector with the and the speed, scalability, and urgency of a BioTech startup.


Jennifer Cantley

Jennifer obtained her bachelors degree in microbiology from the University of New Hampshire in 1999 and then went on to work as a technician at Harvard Medical School in an infectious disease lab. She earned her PhD at Umass Medical School in 2009, studying cell biology and biochemistry, with her thesis focused on understanding fat metabolism in adipocytes and the implications for type 2 diabetes. Jennifer continued her work on type 2 diabetes as a postdoc in Gerald Shulman's lab at Yale, defining mechanisms by which hepatic lipid metabolism regulates hepatic insulin signaling as well identifying a novel mechanism by which the adipose tissue regulates insulin mediated glucose transport in skeletal muscle. After completion of her postdoc, Jennifer worked as a scientific consultant at Yale, identifying biomarkers of kidney disease and acute kidney injury. She joined TRI as a research scientist in January 2017.

Eleni Stoubi

Born and raised in Athens Greece, Eleni graduated from the University of Athens in 2012. Moving to the US in 2013, Eleni has earned her MS in Molecular & Cell Biology from Quinnipiac University.  Her Masters Thesis at the Yale Kyriakides lab 'The effect of distinct Thrombospondin 2 domains on Angiogenesis' received the Academic Excellence award.  Most recently hailing from her work as a Postgraduate Assistant at the Yale Larynx lab, Eleni brings a wealth of skills to the lab.

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