Gene Machine

Matthew Herper12.30.10, 05:20 PM EST 
Forbes Magazine dated January 17, 2011

Jonathan Rothberg's desktop decoder could kick off a revolution in medicine, food, energy, even consumer products--and ignite the next $100 billion technology market.

Flash of life: Jonathan Rothberg holding one of the silicon wafers from which his DNA-decoding chips are cut.

The machine that could change your life is a compact device, only 24 inches wide, 20 inches deep and 21 inches high. At a glance you might mistake it for a Playskool toy--or, better yet, the Apple II computer, which sparked a revolution. Indeed, this gizmo, developed in a drab office park overlooking a duck pond in Guilford, Conn., could have as dramatic an impact as any technology since the personal computer and help kick off a market that one day could be worth perhaps as much as $100 billion.

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